Virtualization of the company Leather Wollsdorf Schmidt & Co Ges.mbH:

Nine servers have been virtualized, set up the backup with a tape library and SAP switched to 64bit. 


Virtualization of the company Leather Wollsdorf Schmidt & Co Ges.mbH:

First, the three ESX servers (based on the VMware VI Foundation package) and the Virtual Centre Server (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64bit) were set up. All servers depend on a Fiber Channel Storage.

The VC server also serves as a backup server (CA Arc serve 12.0) and secures the data using a staging area to the new SAS Tape Library with a LTO-4 tape drive.

Because of cost and use factories, components of Fujitsu-Siemens were used for the hardware platform. 

During normal daytime operation the Proxy and Citrix terminal servers have been virtualized because there were no data losing. During the night hours the Exchange, file and the SAP server were adapted on the new virtualization technology, so there was no still stand of efficiency during the transition phase.

According to the virtualization of the server, the SAP implementation was carried out by 32bit to 64bit upgrade of the database. By the virtualization technology there wasn’t necessary to acquire additional hardware, and the "old" system was persisting for security reasons remain for some time.

The Fujitsu-Siemens ServerView tool has been installed on the backup server, and so early hardware failures can be detected, and corresponding alert messages will be sent.

The transition has taken place within five days, so the local resources and costs could be kept very low.

Company Wollsdorf thus gained the following advantages:

  • Mirroring the Server

  • Saving Hardware

  • Reliability

  • Savings in administration

  • Performance Improvement

  • Hardware independence

  • Increased scalability of the server

  • Saving costs (electricity, air conditioning, coaching)