Monitoring and ticketing

The challenge of service management

IT-Service Desk 

On the IT service desk, which is the single point of contact between customer and IT organization, converges all fault reports and service requests of the user and IT organization. The staffs of the service desk are responsible for compliance with the quality, the current availability of agreed IT services or in the case of disturbance for the quickest possible restoration of service.  

OTRS supports your customers, users, service staff and responsible management alike intelligently structured in the collection, process-and-company processing, documentation and analysis of incidents and service requests. 

The efficiency and service quality of the IT Service Desk affects substantially the image of the entire IT service organization.


Customer Service & Product-Support

In after-sales and classic customer service is OTRS the central hub around your order management, subscription handling, complaints handling, repair handling or technical product support. OTRS supports the monitoring of agreed services and the management of communication among clients, support, sales and repair partners.  

Benefits at a Glance

  • GPL license grants unrestricted rights to use
  • Easy development through free access to source code
  • Vendor independence
  • Reduction of IT costs - you don’t pay any licensing costs

More Benefits 

  • Reduction of reaction and resolution times
  • Reducing cycle times of IT service & business
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through increased transparency
  • Discharge of service personnel during routine activities
  • Meaningful Service Level Reporting
  • Integrative communication and process control
  • Reduction of the Service Request by volume self-service
  • Low set-up and training costs